Nexus Git

Nexus Git provides access to Git repositories in Roblox Studio. It uses existing project structures (like Rojo) to allow developers who don't use external editors to contribute to Git-based repositories.

Project Suspended

Development of Nexus Git by the repository owner has been stopped due to the estimated time required to make Nexus Git robust enough to keep using. Bug fixes are still supported but feature requests will not be implemented. Pull requests are still accepted. Additionally, two-way syncing is an option in Rojo 0.6.

Currently Supported Project Structures

Rojo 0.4 and Rojo 0.5 are supported with this plugin for syncing into Roblox Studio and syncing out of Roblox Studio. Additional projects can be supported, but Rojo should be considered for new projects due to the robustness of the tool and the support it has given from several developers.

Utility for Rojo Users

If you are an existing Rojo user, Nexus Git can still be useful since syncing is two-way instead of one-way. Rojo two-way syncing is planned, but is not out yet. While not completely useful for scripts, exporting models is time consuming with stock Rojo. Additionally, Nexus Git supports both Rojo 0.4 and Rojo 0.5, which can be useful if you need to quickly import a Rojo 0.4 project into Roblox Studio, or export either Rojo 0.4 or Rojo 0.5.

Limitation: No RBXM Support

RBXM are Roblox model files that are stored as binary data. Support for these files is not planned unless an external library written for .NET Standard or .NET Core is made and maintained similar to rbx-dom in Rust.

Warning: Alpha Release

Nexus Git is current in an Alpha state. The overview of known limitations includes that will be resolved: - Git Branches aren't supported (Trello card)
- Git Submodules aren't supported (Trello card)
- The client-side API dump is not up to date (Trello card)
- RMXMX is current not supported (Trello card)

These will be addressed in version 0.2.0. Due to blockers that prevent it from being updated, it will be several months before the next feature release. Major bugs will be fixed as minor releases if they come up.